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Platform: Mac


With ActivInspire®, there's something for everyone: Students get focused with fun, interactive lessons and engaged with integrated learning tools; and teachers get results from immediate student responses. ActivInspire combines cross-platform functionality that works on Windows, Mac and Linux with two interface options - ActivPrimary®, ActivStudio® - to create a complete educational software solution. This tutorial series focuses on the ActivPrimary interface.
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Key # Length
1. locked Introducing the Browsers 78101 4:04
2. locked Using the Page Browser 78102 2:28
3. locked Using the Resource Browser 78103 5:14
4. locked Using the Object Browser 78104 2:44
5. locked Using the Notes Browser 78105 2:08
6. locked Using the Property Browser 78106 3:10
7. locked Using the Action Browser 78107 4:34
8. locked Using the Voting Browser 78108 2:22
Tutorial series by Jody Ouradnik
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