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Boardmaker Plus is used to create symbol-based communication and educational materials. It can be used to create picture schedules, communication boards, symbols for PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) books, reward charts, visual cues around the classroom, and countless other applications. The Plus in Boardmaker Plus means you have the ability to add speech to symbols and play recorded sounds and movies.
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Key # Length
1. locked Preparing and previewing a print 38484 1:31
2. locked Printing a board on a single page 38485 0:52
Key # Length
1. locked Creating a Pop-Up Board 38516 3:15
Key # Length
1. locked Selecting an Access Method 38527 0:36
2. locked Creating Scanning groups 38528 1:33
3. locked Displaying the Scan tools 38529 0:40
4. locked Using the Sequence tools 38530 1:45
5. locked Using the Scan Next tool 38531 1:17
6. locked Using the Scan Pause tool 38532 1:26

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Tutorial series by Andrea Carlson
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