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The Adobe® Captivate® 5.5 training series explores key features for creating professional content. You’ll learn how to create different types of projects, add audio and video to project slides, and create objects for visual enhancement and user interaction. Also learn how to work with existing Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations and publish your finished project.
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Key # Length
1. preview Using Captivate 89832 1:01
Key # Length
1. locked Recording audio in sync 89846 1:46
2. locked Recording audio to slides 89847 2:21
3. locked Editing recorded audio 89848 1:22
4. locked Normalizing audio 89849 1:26
5. locked Adding background audio 89850 1:31
Key # Length
1. locked Adding FLV or F4V files to a slide 89851 1:03
2. locked Inserting non-Flash video files 89852 2:03
Key # Length
1. locked Adding a text caption 89853 1:31
2. locked Adding a highlight box 89854 1:49
3. locked Adding a rollover image 89855 1:26
4. locked Drawing objects 89856 1:50
5. locked Applying gradient fills 89857 1:35
6. locked Adding buttons 89858 1:58
Tutorial series by Matthew Lenz
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