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The comprehensive tools in Microsoft® Excel 2004 make it easy to create powerful spreadsheets and work with others to review and analyze them.
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Key # Length
1. locked Adding cell comments 14927 1:55
2. locked Editing and deleting cell comments 14928 0:38
Key # Length
1. locked Creating a list using the list wizard 14952 2:15
2. locked Entering data into a list 14953 0:58
3. locked Entering data using a form 14954 1:15
4. locked Changing column settings 14955 1:29
5. locked Inserting a column into a list 14956 1:08
6. locked Deleting a column in a list 14957 0:45
7. locked Adding totals to a list 14958 1:18
8. locked Formatting a list 14959 0:54
9. locked Filtering a list 14960 1:50
10. locked Sorting a list 14961 1:31
Tutorial series by Sarah DePriest
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