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Platform: Mac


Finale® NotePad® is a free music notation program from MakeMusic!® (formerly Coda Music). NotePad is available for both Macintosh® and PC platforms. It's a great way to produce professional-looking sheet music. NotePad does not require connection to a MIDI instrument, as all entry is done by mouse-click on the staff. Slurs, articulations, and even lyrics can be easily added to enhance your music. FREE download here.
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Key # Length
1. locked Copying music 4369 2:18
2. locked Moving music 4370 1:24
3. locked Deleting music 4371 1:45
4. locked Clearing entries and "Smart Shapes" 4378 1:34
5. locked Removing manual slur adjustments 4379 1:26
Tutorial series by Jody Ouradnik
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