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Learn about Google™ Drive - the cloud computing solution that keeps your files and folders updated and synchronized across the Web, desktop computers, and mobile devices. In this online training series, you’ll learn how to create a new folder, upload a file, create a new doc, sheet, or slide and connect other apps to your Google Drive.
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Key # Length
1. locked Getting the New Google Drive 124255 1:33
Key # Length
1. locked User Interface 124258 3:26
Key # Length
1. locked Creating A New Folder 73782 0:25
2. locked Uploading a File 124259 0:38
3. locked Adding and Finding Files 73783 0:35
4. locked Usage Stats 124260 0:27
5. locked Creating a new file 124261 0:57
6. locked Add-on Apps 124262 2:04
Key # Length
1. locked Why Google Drive 124263 0:47
Tutorial series by Seth Camp
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