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When creating a spreadsheet, you frequently find yourself wanting to analyze your data. This can be done in the form of calculations or you can use predefined calculations called functions when trying to find the answers you need. In the analysis of your data, you can filter out data that you don’t need to see, and you can sort the data that remains visible. Depending on the type of data you have, you can solve linear equations to determine the answers to challenging problems, and you can even display your data in the form of a chart or graph. This online training series will show you how Google™ Spreadsheets make creating formulas, functions, and charts a simple task.
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Key # Length
1. preview What you'll learn in this training 97203 0:52
Key # Length
1. locked Sorting data 73801 2:01
2. locked Filtering data 97204 1:46
3. locked Filtering and sorting data 97205 1:16
4. locked Searching data 97206 1:09
5. locked Using Data Validation pt. 1 73802 2:36
6. locked Using Data Validation pt. 2 82853 1:43
7. locked Using Data Validation pt. 3 97207 1:55
8. locked Using the Quick Access toolbar 73803 0:56
9. locked Using Auto Fill 73817 1:47
10. locked Using Solve pt. 1 82854 1:51
11. locked Using Solve pt. 2 82855 2:12
12. locked Using Solve pt. 3 82856 2:16
13. locked Using Solve pt. 4 82857 2:37
14. locked Creating a filter view 122647 1:25
15. locked Renaming a filter view 122648 0:32
16. locked Applying an existing filter view 122649 0:36
17. locked Saving a filter as a filter view 122650 0:54
Tutorial series by Cindy Rybaczyk, Sarah Holder
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