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Platform: Mac


I Can Animate lets you create movies using a variety of animation techniques. You can work with different video layers so you can create an animation from video captured from a camera, pictures you've drawn yourself, or both together, and frames are captured into clips which helps you manage your project.
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Key # Length
1. preview Launching I Can Animate 24328 1:18
2. preview Checking user preferences 24329 1:28
3. locked Capturing frames 24330 1:57
4. locked Using the View buttons 24331 1:23
5. locked Playing back your animation 24332 0:48
6. locked Working with clips 24333 1:32
7. locked Duplicating frames 24334 2:27
8. locked Manipulating frames on the timeline 24335 1:35
9. locked Saving your animation project 24336 1:00
Key # Length
1. locked Working with clips and frames 24358 1:32
Key # Length
1. locked Printing a frame 24359 0:45
Tutorial series by Chris Morley
I Can Animate is a product of Kudlian Soft.