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Mac OS® X 10.7 (Lion) from Apple® provides a number of accessibility features that allow users to navigate and interact with their computers in a variety of ways. In this series, you will learn how to use Universal Access tools such as VoiceOver, text to speech, Multi-touch gestures for your mouse, and many more features designed to improve the Mac experience for people with vision, hearing, or physical difficulties.
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Key # Length
1. locked Adjusting output volume and balance 89921 0:40
2. locked Changing system alerts 89922 0:57
3. locked Enabling screen flash 89923 0:33
4. locked Using the Caption panel 89924 1:51
Key # Length
1. locked Using Mouse Keys 89925 1:30
2. locked Enabling Sticky Keys 89926 0:57
3. locked Using Slow Keys 89927 1:23
4. locked Adjusting key repeat speed 89928 0:42
5. locked Adjusting pointer size 89929 0:40
6. locked Using standard function keys 89930 0:56
7. locked Using multi-touch gestures with your mouse 89931 1:30
8. locked Customizing keyboard shortcuts 89932 0:59
9. locked Using speech recognition 89933 2:45
Tutorial series by Heather Slee
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