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Mac OS® X 10.4 Tiger from Apple® allows you to control your computer in different ways that are especially helpful if you have difficulty with your vision, hearing, and/or mobility. These settings are found in the Universal Access pane in the System Preferences. This tutorial series takes a close look at the Universal Access options and how they can be used to improve your computer-using experience.
Key # Length
1. preview Customizing Web page navigation 26712 2:12
2. preview Choosing a voice 26713 1:39
3. preview Customizing voices 26714 1:35
4. preview Setting display preferences 26715 2:00
5. preview Customizing pronunciation 26716 2:50
6. preview Saving VoiceOver settings 26717 1:13
Key # Length
1. preview Using mouse keys 26729 2:18
2. preview Adjusting mouse keys 26730 1:07
3. preview Changing the cursor size 26731 0:54
4. preview Changing keyboard shortcuts 26732 2:02

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Tutorial series by Matthew Lenz
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