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Welcome to our advanced Apple® Mac OS® X series: TERMINAL VELOCITY. Lurking beneath the shiny new Aqua interface is a tried-and-true UNIX® core with a real, live CLI (command line interface). You could avoid it if you wanted to, but what fun would that be? Dive in and learn those cryptic commands! Speak the geekspeak. Amaze your friends at parties!
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Key # Length
1. preview Launching the Terminal 1087 0:39
2. preview Running Top 1088 1:41
3. preview Using the PWD command 1089 0:36
4. preview Listing a directory 1090 0:39
5. preview Changing directories 1091 1:13
6. preview Listing directories with more info 1092 1:24
7. preview Clearing the Terminal 1093 0:32
Key # Length
1. locked Viewing a "man" page 1094 2:45
2. locked Viewing a "man" page of the "Man" command 1095 1:46
3. locked Copying a file 1096 2:10
4. locked Moving or renaming a file 1097 1:34
5. locked Making a new directory 1098 0:51
Tutorial series by Jim Norwood
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