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NoteTaker™ is a powerful new Mac OSTM X software for organizing your information lifestyle, your digital work style.

I want to tell you about an extraordinary piece of software I have discovered. It's not often that I write software reviews anymore because there's not a lot I get excited about. In this case, however, I am excited, The software is perfectly designed for the scientist, engineer, or researcher (or anyone else) who must collect, catalog, index, retrieve, and reference many different kinds of information contained in many different file types and from different sources.
-- John Martellaro, OS X FAQ Senior Editor, Science & Technology
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1. preview Introducing NoteTaker pt. 1 4018 2:19
2. preview Introducing NoteTaker pt. 2 4019 0:39
3. preview Introducing NoteTaker pt. 3 4020 1:15
Tutorial series by Michael Lloyd
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