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Take control of your files by learning how to save, organize, locate, print, back them up . . . and more with our file management series. The tutorials in this series were created using the 10.3.9 version of Mac OS® X (Panther).
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Key # Length
1. preview Understanding file management 15237 0:23
2. preview Working with the Desktop 15238 0:46
3. preview Working with the Finder 15239 0:35
Key # Length
1. locked Saving from an application 15251 1:23
2. locked Saving As vs. Saving 15252 1:16
3. locked Creating new documents 15253 0:59
4. locked Replacing during a Save As 15254 1:14
5. locked Using the AutoSave feature of applications 15255 1:15
6. locked Duplicating info with Save As 15256 0:58
7. locked Using templates 15257 1:53
Tutorial series by Steve Mosher
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