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Platform: Mac


Page '08 software is part of the iWork® '08 series from Apple®. It's a full-featured multimedia word processor that comes with an assortment of templates to help you quickly create impressive documents. Take your knowledge of this word processing application with this advanced level tutorial series.
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Key # Length
1. locked Creating adjacent facing pages 40822 0:44
2. locked Modifying Column properties 40823 0:58
3. locked Setting a tab stop 40824 2:08
4. locked Creating an image placeholder 40825 1:01
5. locked Creating a text placeholder 40826 1:06
Key # Length
1. locked Creating a table 40867 0:39
2. locked Selecting cell borders 40865 0:41
3. locked Modifying cell borders 40866 0:34
4. locked Creating table headers 40864 0:42
5. locked Applying a cell format 40868 0:52
6. locked Applying a conditional format 40869 1:17
7. locked Adding a Quick formula 40870 1:08
Tutorial series by Megen Musegades
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