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The PowerPoint® 2011 advanced online training series demonstrates more in-depth options for inserting and working with tables, inserting and customizing charts and adding hyperlinks for Web pages, files, or e-mail addresses to your slides. You'll also learn how to manipulate photos, add audio and movies to your slides, work with animations and transitions to add emphasis or identify specific focal points in your presentation, understand slide masters, and create speaker notes or support materials for your audiences.
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Key # Length
1. locked Embedding a video into a slide 90535 2:09
2. locked Using the Media controls 90536 0:56
3. locked Using the Movie tools pt. 1 90537 1:05
4. locked Using the Movie tools pt. 2 90538 1:54
5. locked Using the Poster Frame tool 90539 1:05
Tutorial series by Beth Bruestle narration by Flip Crummer
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