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As stated by Apple®: "Adobe® Presenter 6 is a software tool for creating e‑learning content and high-quality multimedia presentations rapidly. Presenter uses Microsoft® PowerPoint®, a popular application that is part of the Microsoft Office suite, as a base."
Key # Length
1. preview Overview of Presenter 46432 1:16
2. preview The Presenter workspace 46434 1:25
3. preview Creating and publishing a presentation 46435 1:53
Key # Length
1. preview Inserting a Flash animation file 46452 0:36
2. preview Controlling a Flash animation 46453 0:49
3. preview Adding a "talking head" video 46454 1:04
Key # Length
1. preview Working with quizzes 46455 1:17
2. preview Adding a quiz 46456 1:30
3. preview Adding questions to a quiz 46457 1:34
4. preview Setting options for quizzes 46458 1:18
Tutorial series by Tom Smyth
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