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You will learn how to customize your workspace for Web design, and utilize the Color and Swatches panel using Photoshop® CS5. Leverage this image editor's Layer comps and History panel to easily create multiple versions of the files you are working on. This online training course also demonstrates how to create buttons for Web navigation, and explores the different options when saving files for the Web.
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Key # Length
1. locked Converting text to a custom shape 90910 2:07
2. locked Creating a watermark 90911 2:18
3. locked Saving a watermark as a tool preset 90912 1:22
Key # Length
1. locked Scaling text 90913 1:21
2. locked Adjusting kerning and tracking 90914 1:53
3. locked Warping text 90915 1:53
4. locked Using text as a layer mask 90916 1:04
5. locked Converting regular text to all caps 90917 0:54
Key # Length
1. locked Creating buttons 90918 1:39
2. locked Choosing a style for a button 90919 1:44
3. locked Adding text to a button 90920 1:37
4. locked Aligning text in a button 90921 1:23
5. locked Duplicating buttons 90922 2:09
6. locked Using Smart Guides and grids 90923 2:25
Key # Length
1. locked Optimizing images and graphics 90931 3:13
2. locked Choosing JPEG options 90932 2:07
3. locked Saving graphics as PNG files 90933 1:29
4. locked Exporting to Zoomify™ 90934 2:06
Tutorial series by Matthew Lenz
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