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​This online training project will show you how to get started with Google+™ - a social networking site that strives to simplify the process of sharing of information with others. In this project, learn how to invite people and create circles, upload photos and video, share information, and encourage students to connect and communicate online with you and with their fellow classmates.​
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Key # Length
1. preview What the example project looks like 87740 0:44
Key # Length
1. locked Setting up your Google Account 87741 0:43
2. locked Signing in to Google+ 87742 0:55
3. locked Building your profile pt. 1 123110 1:25
4. locked Building your profile pt. 2 87743 0:40
5. locked Changing Privacy settings 87744 1:42
Key # Length
1. locked Posting or sharing What's New 87749 1:07
2. locked Posting photos, videos, and links 87750 2:33
3. locked Chatting 87751 1:15
4. locked Chatting with video and voice 87752 1:10
5. locked Chatting in a group 87753 0:34
6. locked Setting up a Hang Out 87754 1:22
Key # Length
1. locked Uploading photos 87756 1:29
2. locked Uploading videos 87757 0:55
3. locked Editing photos 123112 1:40
4. locked Tagging and sharing photos 123113 1:24
5. locked Adding +1's 87758 0:52
Tutorial series by Tabitha Wiedower
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