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As stated by Microsoft®,

"Windows® Calendar is a flexible, easy-to-use tool for planning and managing all of your activities and coordinating your schedule with other people's. As the pace of life accelerates at work and at home, many people find it helpful to use a PC-based calendar to manage their time and coordinate their schedule with family, friends, and colleagues. Windows Calendar also includes a feature you can use to create a personal task list and to receive automatic notifications and reminders about specific tasks or upcoming appointments."
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Key # Length
1. locked Publishing a calendar 28839 0:54
2. locked Subscribing to a calendar 28840 1:09
3. locked Printing a calendar 28841 0:50
Key # Length
1. locked Creating a task 28836 1:19
2. locked Setting Task options 29316 1:16
3. locked Sorting tasks 29317 0:34
Tutorial series by Andrea Carlson
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