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Platform: Mac


Microsoft® Word 2004 for Mac® is a word processing and publishing program for creating rich home, business, and school documents. The newest version, Word 2004, offers a number of advanced features that make it even easier to create professional documents, letters, and other printed or online material.
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Key # Length
1. preview Using the Project Gallery 11582 3:05
2. preview Working with toolbars 11583 2:16
3. preview Changing Menu and Toolbar options 11584 3:09
4. preview Using the Formating Pallete 11585 2:12
5. preview Entering text into a document 11586 1:20
6. locked Using Save and Save As 11587 2:01
7. locked Moving with the keyboard 11588 2:40
8. locked Working with the toolbox 11589 2:43
9. locked Using Help 11590 2:05
Key # Length
1. locked Working with print preview 11632 1:37
2. locked Selecting Print options 11633 3:07
3. locked Printing envelopes and labels 11634 2:25
4. locked Save as PDF 11635 0:44
Tutorial series by SFETT-Pro
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