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Take your knowledge of Microsoft® Word 2010 to advanced levels by learning to create a professional looking two-column newsletter. This online training course demonstrates how to format and flow text, insert clipart graphics and more. You’ll also explore different document layouts as you hone your newly acquired skills.
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Key # Length
1. preview What the completed project looks like 90661 0:54
2. locked Download: project resources 90662 0:00
Key # Length
1. locked Entering banner text 90663 0:55
2. locked Formatting the banner text 90664 2:04
3. locked Using WordArt for a title 90665 1:36
4. locked Positioning your WordArt 90666 1:18
5. locked Adding a border 90667 1:27
6. locked Inserting a section break 90668 1:02
Key # Length
1. locked Setting up columns 90669 1:43
2. locked Inserting a story 90670 1:00
3. locked Choosing font and alignment 90671 1:20
4. locked Setting paragraph spacing 90672 1:02
5. locked Opening a second view of the document 90673 1:08
Tutorial series by Nick Tieri
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