Frequently Asked Questions

What is Atomic Training?

Atomic Training provides on-demand software training and support tutorials to help businesses and organizations fulfill staff technology training and development goals. Whether you need to enhance new employee orientation, transition to updated software, train on a new application, or extend IT support, Atomic Training has the essential training needed to develop and increase technology skills, proficiency, and productivity.

Watch a short video on what Atomic Training can do for you.

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Are Atomic Training and Atomic Learning the same? Will my subscription to one grant me access to the other?

Atomic Learning, the parent company of Atomic Training, has been providing high impact e-Learning solutions for over 10 years to over 16 million users in 45 countries. Atomic Learning and Atomic Training have different sets of training content to best meet the needs of the organizations they serve. Atomic Learning features content that is specific to teachers and educators, and offers individual and educational institution subscriptions. More information is available at

Atomic Training features content that is focused towards businesses, non-educational organizations and individual consumers. For more information on subscribing to Atomic Training contact Nate Koering at or (866) 259-6890, ext. 221.

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What do I get with my subscription?

Individual subscription:
With Atomic Training you gain access to short, clear and concise online software training tutorials. Each product page describes in detail what training you will have access to. For complete access to training tutorials on 140 different software applications, look into the Atomic All Access package.

Group license:
With Atomic Training you gain access to short clear and concise online software training tutorials, as well as several administrative tools. These tools include in-depth reports and the ability to assign and recommend training. Additionally you are able to manage and upload custom training materials. For more information on all of these features contact Nate Koering at or (866) 259-6890, ext. 221.

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I want to buy a subscription for myself or my organization. What are my next steps?

Individual subscription:
To view individual Atomic Training subscription options, please visit We have a number of solutions are available to fit your needs. All of our products are available as one-year subscriptions, and we also have a monthly subscription option.

Group license:
To look into subscriptions for your company or organization please contact Nate Koering at or (866) 259-6890, ext. 221.

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What are the requirements for using Atomic Training?

To utilize Atomic Training resources, you will need a Web browser with 3rd Party Cookies enabled, and either the Flash or QuickTime plugin.


  • Operating System: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, or Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox 3 or higher; Google Chrome; 3rd Party Cookies must be accepted
  • Player: QuickTime Player 6.5.2 or higher (see note about recent versions and closed captioning), or Flash Player 9.1 or higher
  • Bandwidth: Minimum 128 kb/s; Recommended 512 kb/s
  • Adobe Reader 6.0 or higher
  • Java 1.5 or higher


The Atomic Training Web site automatically determines when you are using an iPad to access the site. Settings are automatically changed to accommodate the iPad.

Atomic Training, Inc. recommends that the customer has internet bandwidth speeds of 512 kilobits per second or greater. Atomic Training Inc’s website performance may vary for the customer if the customer has any additional internet bandwidth consumption taking place.

You will need to install Flash 9.1 or higher on each individual computer that an assessment will be taken on.

Note: QuickTime versions 7.6.6 - 7.6.9 for Windows may exhibit poor sound quality when closed captioning is enabled. Atomic Training recommends using QuickTime version 7.6.0 until this issue is rectified by Apple in a future release.

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How can I find the answer to my question or a specific tutorial?

Use the Find an Answer to a Tech Question module:

  • Login to Atomic Training.

  • On the home page, click the plus [+] button to expand the module if it isn’t already.

  • Enter keywords or a simple question to search for relevant tutorials.

  • Use the filters below if desired. Click the Search button to see your results.

  • If too many results are returned, you may modify your query terms or filter further with the dropdown menus in the left-hand column.

View a tutorial on Finding an Answer to a Specific Question

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Troubleshooting guide

Playing tutorials on the iPad

For best results, choose QuickTime as your player preference and turn off closed captioning. To make these your default settings, access the "My Profile & Settings" area.

Cookies & Java

The easiest things to check are cookies and Java. In your browser preferences or under the Tools menu in Internet Options (depending on your browser), make sure that both cookies and Java are enabled (a medium setting should work for Windows XP). In Safari ensure that Cookies are always accepted.


In order to see and hear the tutorials on the Atomic Training website you must have QuickTime 6 or later installed on your computer. QuickTime is free to download at:

If you are using QuickTime on a PC you should uninstall any old versions of QuickTime and then install version 6.5 of QuickTime and try our tutorials again. (We have noticed significant issues with QuickTime 7.x and we do NOT recommend installing that version at this time.) At times this may not solve the problem you are experiencing. In that case, you should uninstall QuickTime and then reinstall it. Occasionally we have seen people have more success with the QuickTime Standalone Installer, which can be found here.

If this does not solve your problem, go to Apple's QuickTime page and play any of the QuickTime movies there. If you are prompted to install some Active X component, do so and try Atomic Training again.

If you continue to have difficulty with QuickTime, you can try Apple's QuickTime Troubleshooting page here.

If you are using a Mac and have QuickTime 7.6 there is a known issue that may affect both your QuickTime and Flash playback. Until a new version of QuickTime is released the best solution is to downgrade your version of QuickTime. Information can be found here.

Popup blockers

If you are running some type of pop-up blocking software on your computer this may be the cause of your problems. Make sure that this software is not configured in such a way as to block all pop-ups. There is usually some setting that will allow pop-ups when you initiate them by clicking on a link.

Caching servers and Content Filters

Are you located in a network that employs a caching server or Content Filtering? If so, that server should be set to NOT cache the tutorials from Atomic Training. If your organization uses content filters and you experience problems with tutorials playing it may be necessary to add Atomic Training URL’s to your filter’s white list. Please contact your IT department for details—a list of URL’s is available from atomic training by contacting us at

Slow access or access that fails after your first tutorial

Here are a few things you can try to solve your access problems.

In the Tools=Internet Options area in IE - inside the Privacy Tab - move the slider bar all the way to the bottom. After you apply, the description should say something about the computer accepting all cookies. Click OK and close the browser. Re-open IE and test.

In the same Internet Options area click on the Security Tab - then click on Internet and Custom Level. In there select "low" in the Reset To: box. Click Apply and OK. Close out IE - re-open and test.

In the Internet Options area - under the ‘Advanced’ tab - put a Check in the "Use HTTP1.1 through proxy connections." line. (it’s about half way down) Close out - re-open - test.

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I'm having a problem with QuickTime. What should I do?

Q: I'm using the latest version of QuickTime on a PC and my movies aren't playing well or I'm experiencing sound quality issues. What should I do?

A: You can choose to view the movies in Flash, disable closed captioning, or uninstall QuickTime and install version 7.6.0.

Q: I have an older version of QuickTime on my Mac and my movies aren’t playing in either QuickTime or Flash. What should I do?

A: On some Intel-based Macs, QuickTime version 7.2 affects the computer’s ability to play web-based videos. Unfortunately, this version can also impact other applications.

Please try another browser, such as Firefox, to see if the issue still exists. If needed, install the newest version of QuickTime.

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How can I change my password or my personal preferences?

After logging into your account and with the player window closed, click My Profile & Settings at the top right of the page. Change the desired preferences and click the Save button. Close the preferences window.

View a tutorial on Setting your Preferences

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I want to renew/cancel my account. How can I do this?

Individual subscription:
You may renew or cancel your account here or click on the My Account link. Once logged in, you are able to renew, cancel, change payment option and/or manage your subscription. PLEASE NOTE: Once you go to our on-line store via the link you must use the username and password you created to purchase your account—this username and password maybe different than your username.

Group license:
Questions regarding your account can be directed to OR to renew/cancel or manage your account, please contact Nate Koering.
Email: | Phone: (866) 259-6890, ext. 221

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Can I download the training I have access to?

At this time, Atomic Training does not allow users to download tutorials onto their computer. However, because all training is online, you can access resources from any computer with an internet connection.

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